Introducing the other half!

I'm in this photo.

I’m in this photo.

Hello out there! I am Coleen’s wife…A.K.A. Kristyn. I’m a queer lass. In my life, I’ve known I was gay since I was a child. My first crushes were on Debbie Gibson and Christine Applegate. Back then, I wanted desperately to be a boy and I have wondered from time to time if I might be trans. Ultimately, I identify as being female and I’m super proud of that! But often my brain and heart feel sort of split down the middle. Hence I think genderqueer suits me. But that’s just my truth and who knows what I’ll feel in the future?! But that’s the cool thing about having free will and not subscribing to other people’s agendas. You can always be who you are and allow yourself room to grow and shift and change.

What else about me? I just finished my B.A. in History with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I can’t believe I finally got that done!! Been trudging at this degree for a million years. But lest you think I am a slouch, I have received top grades each semester. It’s just that work and life has gotten in the way of my schooling too many times.

This fall I will be continuing my studies as an MA student! I was awarded the Beth Niemi Award for Excellence in WGS and I will get a stipend for the year that involves me assisting one of the professors with their research. I am nerding out hardcore over this, please excuse me!

My day job is a substitute teacher alla Dorothy Zbornak on Golden Girls (although, I self-identify as more of a Sophia). Over the summer I’ll be volunteering with some public history archiving projects. One is at a local library and the other is for a queer history project.

Coleen and I used to live in Los Angeles, CA for a few years. While there, I wrote for Los Angeles Music Blog (L.A.M.B.), which was awesome because I got to highlight some of my favorite queer and female artists — I would review their albums, photograph and write up their concerts, and I even got to conduct two interviews (one with JD Samson and her band MEN and the other with Liz Phair). Coleen wrote up some shows and did some really, really cool photography also. The photo of MEN that is the banner to this page is a photo she took at one of their shows in LA!

Overall, I love cats, reading, feminism, history, queer theory, riot grrrl, comedy, binge watching clever tv shows, and ice cream cake from Carvel. I take classes at Upright Citizens Brigade in NY (and took the first two levels in Los Angeles) and I perform occasionally in NYC with my own improv team.

I miss blogging. I used to blog on my own page yKristyn and obviously I loved blogging for L.A.M.B., so I’m glad to join Coleen on this new and awesome wordpress site of hers. I hope it will be a site that lends something to the LGBTQ and feminist movements out there.

One last thing about me, I own one of Rue McClanahan’s pill vials.



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